About Lauren’s Hope

Lauren’s Hope created the industry’s first interchangeable and stylish medical ID bracelet in 2001. Since then, we have continued to innovate and produce on-trend medical ID jewelry for our 400,000+ customers worldwide. Lauren’s Hope leads the medical ID jewelry industry in style, quality, and customer service.

We provide a full line of personalized medical ID jewelry for those with any condition that requires the wearing of a medical ID. Our classic designs include beaded and link medical ID bracelets that attach to a blank or custom engraved alert tag with the medical symbol, as well as personalized medical identification necklaces for men and women. Kids love our fun styles like the dog tag ID necklace, sports, and flower medical pendants and waterproof adjustable medical sport bands.

Our creative and stylish medical jewelry is designed with quality 925 silver, 14kt gold-filled, 316L Stainless Steel and leather and makes a perfect gift for men, women, boys and girls. All customer service representatives and all of our products are assembled and engraved right here in Riverside, MO, just north of Kansas City.

Who is Lauren?
We’re often asked who Lauren is or where the name “Lauren’s Hope” came from. The original interchangeable medical ID bracelet was made for Lauren, a 13 year old with diabetes who refused to wear medical ID jewelry because, as she said, ‘It’s ugly and draws attention to my illness.’ So we set out to design a medical alert bracelet that Lauren, and the millions of people like her who avoided medical IDs when they really needed them, would actually enjoy wearing.

That first bracelet was a huge success, and although it was originally designed for a child with diabetes, we were soon asked to make bracelets for people of all ages with many different diseases, disabilities, allergies, and chronic health conditions, in addition to people who simply wanted ICE (In Case of Emergency) IDs for their own peace of mind. Today, hundreds of thousands of people with diabetes, and all manner of other medical conditions, enjoy wearing their Lauren’s Hope medical ID jewelry every day, all over the world.