Create a Holiday Gift Guide

How to Create a Holiday Gift Guide

The Holidays are a great time for Affiliate Marketers. Between October and December, site visitors are ready to purchase. They’re online with credit cards in hand, ready to finish their Holiday shopping. During this time of year, it’s important to position your blog in a way that recommends (via Affiliate links) certain products to increase your Affiliate commissions during this busy season. One great way to do that is to create a Holiday Gift Guide.

What Is a Holiday Gift Guide?

A Holiday gift guide is a list post. Basically, it’s a list of recommended gifts for a particular person or age group. Creating a Holiday Gift Guide is very easy, especially when you know what products you’d like to include.

Why Should I Create a Holiday Gift Guide?

Holiday Gift Guides are a fun way to get your site visitors to engage with Affiliate links. Whether it’s a text link or a creative graphic, when you create a holiday gift guide, those links become more interactive to the visitor. During the Holiday season, visitors are highly motivated to purchase, so making your Affiliate links readily available and plentiful in your Holiday Gift Guide is an absolute must in order to have a successful Affiliate Holiday season.

Choose a Person or Age Group

Your Holiday Gift Guide should have a clear focus that’s relevant to your blog’s readers. For example:

  • Top Gifts for Girls
  • Top 10 Gifts Under $75
  • Diabetes-Friendly Holiday Gift Guide
  • Health-centric Holiday Gift Guide

Having a clear topic makes it really easy to stay on topic and invoke action (like a sale). This is your time to really have fun and get creative!

Choose Products

This is what we think is the funnest part of creating a Holiday Gift Guide. When it comes down to it, your readers want to know why the gift you’re suggesting is what they should buy. They don’t just want a list of products. This is where putting in some extra time can really be beneficial in the end. If these are not personal recommendations based on your experience, make sure to do some research before suggesting it as a product. If you’re adding a Lauren’s Hope medical ID to your Holiday Gift Guide and haven’t seen it in person, contact us! We’re very familiar with all of our products and can give you the low-down on your chosen medical ID.

If you want to choose the perfect medical ID for your Holiday Gift Guide, we suggest you check out our brand new 2015 Catalog. We also have lots of brand new styles on our site (including some non-medical jewelry in our new Love and Beloved line), but if you need a great recommendation, please don’t hesitate to ask! We love talking about our jewelry!

When deciding on products for your Holiday Gift Guide, offer options, but not too many as to overwhelm your reader. We recommend you use a list of 7-10 products.

Always Disclose

When you create a Holiday Gift Guide, it’s important to make sure you include a disclaimer in your post, especially if you are receiving any type of compensation like a product to review, Affiliate commissions, or sponsor payment.

Introducing… Tech IDs

You might have noticed a brand new category on our website’s header. We had the pleasure of introducing Tech IDs last month, and the response has been great so far!

MyId-powered medical ID bracelets are fully customizable emergency ID bands for those unthinkable moments. It stores your emergency contacts, medical conditions, food and drug allergies, blood type, doctor and insurance information, and much more, all on the secure, cloud-based myID servers. 95% of first responders look for a medical ID during emergencies, and MyID technology allows them to access your vital medical information in three fast and convenient ways, via QR Code, 24/7 Live Phone Operator and a Web-Based Online Profile.

Anyone with medical needs and allergies, people living active lifestyles and children should wear Medical IDs. Every year, over 2.2 million incidences of adverse drug reactions  occur, making it the 4th leading cause of death. Having your important information available for first responders and healthcare professionals can mean the difference between life and death.

Unlike traditional ID bracelets that permanently engrave your information, MyID technology makes that vital health information easy to update and change. You no longer need to purchase new medical ID jewelry when your health, phone number or medications change. Simply log into your completely secure MyID profile and update your information in seconds.

MyID offers a walking health profile that features the latest in health-related technology. Plus, the myID band is comfortable and easily adjusts to your wrist size, and when your taste in bracelet style changes, you can link your new bracelet to the same online profile so your important medical information can always be with you, even when you change your style.

Your first year of MyID online medical data storage is free and costs only $10 per year after that.

Whether you have medical or allergy issues, live an active lifestyle or care for a child, don’t risk your life with outdated medical information. Keep your vital medical information relevant and up-to-date without buying new jewelry with MyID technology from Lauren’s Hope.


What’s so great about Tech IDs?

Tech IDs are awesome because they allow the wearer the ability to change their vital medical and contact info online, and they come with three points of access: QR code, online profile, and a live, 24/7 call center.

Tech IDs offer a ton of awesome features because they are:

  • Secure
  • Customizable
  • Fully adjustable
  • Easily updated emergency information
  • Live 24/7 emergency call center
  • Optimized smart phone profile viewing
  • Ion Health Technology™
  • Rapid QR Code Access
  • Lifetime Warranty

Tech IDs are great for those with changing health issues, changing medications, and those who live an active lifestyle. Although we still recommend a traditional engraving for children with special needs, Tech IDs are a great way to keep medical info updated and available in the event of an emergency.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business (that’s us) rewards its affiliates (that’s you) for each customer that buys from our online storefront. When you become part of the Lauren’s Hope Affiliate Marketing Program, you gain access to our array of creative ads, text links and product videos. We use widely-trusted and used Affiliate Marketing management website Shareasale to facilitate payments and links.

Affiliate Marketing Flowchart

Affiliate links are HTML links that work a lot like regular links. They can be either banners, text links or videos that send your site visitors to the product page of the product you’re recommending. These links can retrieved via Shareasale and are more sophisticated than a regular link because these links track the referral from your blog so the advertiser can pay you the commission should a sale be made. These links drop what’s called a cookie onto your viewers browser, so we know they were referred to the Lauren’s Hope site from your blog. That way we know which Affiliate to pay commission to for the transaction. The Lauren’s Hope Affiliate Marketing Program offers a 90-day cookie duration. That means when a visitor to your blog clicks on an ad, if they make a purchase 90 days after clicking it, you’ll still get the commission.

A very important way that a blog to be a good candidate for affiliate marketing is that the topic of their website is related to specific products or services. For example, a blog about Diabetes will obviously be a better candidate than a blog about monster trucks. A lot of blogs, especially more personal blogs, don’t often talk about products on a regular basis, but the most successful affiliate blogs tend to focus on product reviews or product information. Although your site isn’t technically a storefront, in affiliate marketing, it’s an essential liaison to making a sale. Think of it like a personal recommendation, not necessarily a storefront.

Still have more questions? Check out our FAQs or contact us with your questions. We love hearing from potential Affiliates!


Earn Commission With Video!

So as most of us know, Affiliates can use custom text links or banner ads to sell products on their websites. But did you know Affiliates can also earn commission by using video?

Lauren’s Hope debuted our use of product videos last month, and we’ve gotten such a great reception from them so far that we’ve decided to make them available for our Affiliates to use as well!

We’re constantly adding to our repertoire of product videos (we’re steadily adding new products as they’re introduced on our website), so there is always tons of fresh content by the way of video.

Haven’t seen our videos yet? Take a peak:

Why did we decide to start using video to sell our products?
That’s simple. Video offers a dynamic way to show off our Medical ID Jewelry. We’re able to display more angles of the product and give more information about the product in a way that’s personable and informational. Product video also offers an alternative to static banner ads. The more attention-grabbing an ad is, the more clicks and conversions you’ll receive.

You’ll find our videos under the Links tab at the top of your Shareasale Account screen. There you can choose from our ever-growing collection of Medical ID Jewelry Product Videos.

Confused, but still want to use video? Shoot us a message here: Contact Us

Introducing the Lauren’s Hope Affiliate Marketing Program

Lauren’s Hope is an online retailer of Medical ID Jewelry based just outside Kansas City, Missouri. The Lauren’s Hope Affiliate Marketing Program is operated through the trusted affiliate marketing management company, This Program offers a great opportunity for the web’s incredible network of health-related bloggers to promote Lauren’s Hope, the industry leader in stylish, personalized medical ID jewelry. Affiliates receive a number of great perks:

  • 10% Commission
  • 90-Day Cookie Duration
  • Rich, untapped niche market: Medical ID Jewelry
  • Auto-deposit and transparent performance metrics
  • Monthly newsletter with sneak peeks at new products, deals, and hot products
  • Dedicated Affiliate staff who are here to answer your questions

Beyond the our existing network of health-related bloggers, we here at Lauren’s Hope Medical ID welcome all bloggers and retailers who serve a similar demographic to apply to become Lauren’s Hope Affiliates through a free, quick application process. In particular, becoming a Lauren’s Hope Affiliate is a great fit for bloggers who discuss health-related topics such as the following:

  • Type 1 Diabetes
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Epilepsy
  • Autism
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Memory Loss
  • Breast Cancer and Lymphedema
  • Cognitive Impairments
  • Caregiving
  • Gastric Bypass and other Weight Loss Surgery

Becoming a Lauren’s Hope Affiliate is also an excellent fit for retailers and e-commerce sites offering health-related products such as therapeutic devices, durable medical equipment, mastectomy bras and attire, and similar products. Additionally, as increasing numbers of athletes have begun wearing medical ID jewelry as a form of ICE identification, bloggers and retailers serving the athletic, fitness, and sport market can also find great returns as Lauren’s Hope Affiliates.