Why We Love ShareASale

There are many reasons why we love ShareASale. ShareASale offers a way for us to accurately and actively monitor our Affiliates, meaning, ShareASale provides us with reliable means to track sales from your links and pay you in a timely and efficient manner. ShareASale also allows us to upload creative banner ads, text links, a datafeed, and other collateral that can help our Affiliates more productive and successful.

What is ShareASale
ShareASale is an affiliate network that allows businesses (like Lauren’s Hope) to list our business and operate an affiliate marketing program. ShareASale takes care of all the commission payouts, link generation, commission tracking, and basically, our entire affiliate marketing campaign.

Why do we love ShareASale?
That’s easy!

  1. An awesome, easy-to-use interface: Getting Affiliate links is super easy. We offer banner creatives, text links, video links, and a datafeed for our Affiliate Marketers.
  2. The ability to create custom links: Just another reason why we love ShareASale– Fast and easy link creation. Since many of our Affiliate Marketers are looking for specific text links for their blogs, the ability to quick create custom links is very important.
  3. It’s free to join: At no time will you be charged to be an Affiliate with the Lauren’s Hope Affiliate Marketing Program. The potential for income is unlimited, and since we offer a commission rate of 10%, this is just another reason why we love ShareASale: Our Affiliates are free to make money.

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