Create a Holiday Gift Guide

How to Create a Holiday Gift Guide

The Holidays are a great time for Affiliate Marketers. Between October and December, site visitors are ready to purchase. They’re online with credit cards in hand, ready to finish their Holiday shopping. During this time of year, it’s important to position your blog in a way that recommends (via Affiliate links) certain products to increase your Affiliate commissions during this busy season. One great way to do that is to create a Holiday Gift Guide.

What Is a Holiday Gift Guide?

A Holiday gift guide is a list post. Basically, it’s a list of recommended gifts for a particular person or age group. Creating a Holiday Gift Guide is very easy, especially when you know what products you’d like to include.

Why Should I Create a Holiday Gift Guide?

Holiday Gift Guides are a fun way to get your site visitors to engage with Affiliate links. Whether it’s a text link or a creative graphic, when you create a holiday gift guide, those links become more interactive to the visitor. During the Holiday season, visitors are highly motivated to purchase, so making your Affiliate links readily available and plentiful in your Holiday Gift Guide is an absolute must in order to have a successful Affiliate Holiday season.

Choose a Person or Age Group

Your Holiday Gift Guide should have a clear focus that’s relevant to your blog’s readers. For example:

  • Top Gifts for Girls
  • Top 10 Gifts Under $75
  • Diabetes-Friendly Holiday Gift Guide
  • Health-centric Holiday Gift Guide

Having a clear topic makes it really easy to stay on topic and invoke action (like a sale). This is your time to really have fun and get creative!

Choose Products

This is what we think is the funnest part of creating a Holiday Gift Guide. When it comes down to it, your readers want to know why the gift you’re suggesting is what they should buy. They don’t just want a list of products. This is where putting in some extra time can really be beneficial in the end. If these are not personal recommendations based on your experience, make sure to do some research before suggesting it as a product. If you’re adding a Lauren’s Hope medical ID to your Holiday Gift Guide and haven’t seen it in person, contact us! We’re very familiar with all of our products and can give you the low-down on your chosen medical ID.

If you want to choose the perfect medical ID for your Holiday Gift Guide, we suggest you check out our brand new 2015 Catalog. We also have lots of brand new styles on our site (including some non-medical jewelry in our new Love and Beloved line), but if you need a great recommendation, please don’t hesitate to ask! We love talking about our jewelry!

When deciding on products for your Holiday Gift Guide, offer options, but not too many as to overwhelm your reader. We recommend you use a list of 7-10 products.

Always Disclose

When you create a Holiday Gift Guide, it’s important to make sure you include a disclaimer in your post, especially if you are receiving any type of compensation like a product to review, Affiliate commissions, or sponsor payment.